Henceforth I declare you to be an outlaw.

Riley Draconis | Imperial | 27
Lawless and Hunter
Jonas Armstrong

Rythe Rufus | Imperial | 28
Jailbreak and Assassin
Chace Crawford

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Sleight of Hand [Rythe, Gage]


Gage turned his head towards the Imperial, and raised an eyebrow, If anything, the fresh bruises and busted lip should have been a dead giveaway.

"Got lippy," he said, a smirk starting to form on his face. "Seems like all the guards ‘round here have a stick up their arse."

Rythe’s shoulder shook in soundless laughter and he swung his legs over the edge of the bed so he could sit up. Once sitting, he eyed his cellmate over more thoroughly and let out a short laugh at Gage’s last comment.

"Just a stick?" he snorted and shook his head. "More like a tree if you ask me."

The Imperial ran a hand through his tangled hair before he leaned forward, his butt barely touching the cot and he extended a hand towards the other man. “I’m Rythe.”

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thoushaltfeed sent: Drac frowned slightly at the Imperial and rolled his eyes. "I doubt either of us are happy about this," he said, before pulling the man into a tight hug. He did take a moment to take in Rythe's scent before he let him go. "At least we aren't in a cell this time."

Rythe raised his brows when Drac approached, and even more when he didn’t seem to stop. When the vampire put his arms around him in a hug, he returned the gesture and added a light pat to Drac’s back. “Then why on Nirn are you hugging me?” he grumbled before he let go of the Nord only to look him in the eye with a raised eyebrow and a tilted head.

Sleight of Hand [Rythe, Drac]


The vampire had managed to ignore the Imperial as he fiddled around with the things in the cell. He could hear three of the guards talking quietly amongst themselves. Two seemed to be asleep, while another three were tucked into what he could only assume was their lounge.

"Do I look like I would have a lockpick?" Drac asked and turned his head towards the Imperial. Both of them wore the same ragged clothing, had been stripped of their possessions, and tossed into the same cell. If he had any lockpicks, they would had to have been tucked into an orifice. The vampire was not the kind to do that, however.

"If I had one, I wouldn’t be in this cell any longer," he said flatly and then turned his attention back towards the door. He could hear two guards as they made their way back past the cell the two men were in.

"Why? What is your grand plan, Rythe?"

"It was a simple yes-or-no question, no need to get snappy," Rythe faked a pout and looked down, tracing the stonework on the floor. It was then it hit him and he hopped down from the dresser. The Imperial squatted down in front of it and pulled out the bottom drawer just enough for him to get his arm inside it. With his other hand he held onto the knob as he started to turn the nut on the inside of the drawer.

Soon enough he managed to pull the knob from the front of the drawers, and held it up as if to show Drac the nail that used to hold the drawer and knob together. “This,” he said, “is my grand plan.”

He pushed the demolished drawer back where it belonged just in time for the guards to make their rounds. With them gone and out of sight the Imperial walked over to the cell door to get to work. He poked an arm through the bars and inserted the nail into the lock. Luckily it was a simple lock that required little effort for him to pick, and after some fiddling he heard the distinctive ‘click’ he waited for. Slowly he turned his head towards his cell mate, almost awaiting a pat on his shoulder or at least some minor words of praise. 

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Sleight of Hand [Open RP]


Drac once again turned his attention back towards the cell door, and focused on the various heartbeats in the area. It was a bit difficult, but eventually he could focus just on those who’s owners were moving, rather than simply sitting or laying nearby.

The Imperial’s voice broke his concentration, however, and he visible frowned. He looked over at the man as he spoke and then turned his eyes to the wall as he thought.

Middle-aged, bruised, scarred — yes. He had. He was in one of the front cells, closer to the exit. He remembered him because his heart was weak.

Rather than share that particular detail, Drac simply nodded and let out a ‘mhm’ as an answer.

At least he knew the mark was where he was supposed to be. Rythe went back to resting his forehead against the bars with closed eyes, and made out two sets of footsteps belonging to the patrolling guards on the upper level, and two coming from the lower levels. The jailer would probably be off in one of the side rooms, and most likely in the possession of their belongings. 

The Imperial pushed himself away from the bars and shuffled over to the opposite side of the cell, to the wall with the only window, and peered out. He couldn’t tell the exact time, but it was getting late; that much he could tell. 

Rythe moved back to his cot and slumped down, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and idly glanced about the room after anything he could use. He then traced himself and the rags he had been put in, but found nothing. With a defeated sigh he got up from the bed again and moved over to the dresser in one of the corners. He opened the first drawer and found a half-eaten, rotten apple which caused the thief to wrinkle his nose in disgust and close the drawer again. The second drawer didn’t have anything of interest in it either, and neither did the third. He cursed under his breath and hopped up on the dresser with his legs crossed. 

"You wouldn’t happen to have a lockpick on you, would you?" he asked, more out of desperation than anything else, and glanced over at Drac. 

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Sleight of Hand [Open RP]


"Aye, they seem to get a bit pissy when that happens," Drac replied, eyes still trained on the door. He did, however, glance over when he saw the Imperial move in his peripheral. The vampire studied him for a moment and then took hold of the other’s hand, squeezing it slightly as he did.

"Drac," he said plainly. “Well met, Rythe."

"Pleasure," he uttered with a brief nod as he let go of the Nord’s hand, and instead of laying back down he decided to get up. The Imperial walked over to the bars keeping them inside and leaned against them, letting his arms poke out through the grating and hang limply on the other side. He leaned his head against the bars as well and closed his eyes, focusing on the distant sounds of the prison and trying to determine just how many guards he had to bypass on the way out. 

"On the way in," Rythe paused and turned his head towards Drac again, "You didn’t happen to see a mid-aged, rather bruised and probably scarred man?"

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Sleight of Hand [Open RP]


Drac had been surprisingly quiet and calm. Though he had focused on the Imperial’s heartbeat, he made no move towards him. If Vlad had taught him anything, it was to act as normal as possible - as mortal as possible - until the guards opened the cell again.

Then you could rip their throats out.

"I ate a man’s heart," the vampire replied and slowly turned his gaze towards the man sharing his cell. A small smirk began to play on his features, but he turned his focus back to the cell door.


Now that certainly caught his interest, and the Imperial turned his head towards Drac with slightly raised eyebrows, not entirely sure to take the man’s words as truth or a jest. He let out another ‘hmm’, but this time it was more out of something akin to morbid approval. 

"Me? I punched a guard in the face," Rythe replied with a casual shrug before he swung both legs off the side of the bed and sat up so he could get a better look at the man he was sharing the cell with. He shifted a little, scooting closer to the edge so he could extend a hand towards Drac, "I’m Rythe," he said, offering the Nord his hand. 

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Sleight of Hand [Open RP]

The bunks here weren’t so bad, not compared to the frozen iron cages in the Chill anyway. Rythe laid stretched out on the bed in his, or rather their, cell. He had propped one foot against the madras and was now resting the other leg on that knee, slowly bobbing his foot up and down. The Imperial turned his head towards his cellmate and smirked, letting out a short ‘hmm’ as he turned back to rest on the hands he had put behind head.

However, it still took some time before he said something that was actual words. “So, what are you in for?” he asked, looking up at the stone ceiling with slightly raised eyebrows, his foot still bobbing up and down.

#002 Primary Skills

He was trained from a young age in the art of stealth, and has since become a master at picking locks and avoiding detection. The skills he primarily relies on will be listed below:


  • Sneaking.
  • Lockpicking.
  • Observation.

Not so often:

  • Pickpocketing.
  • One-handed; Use of daggers.
  • Speechcraft, especially bribery and persuasion.

#001 Just Business

Rythe is a jailbreaker, which means he will commit a crime in order to get arrested by the city guards. Most often it is to free someone imprisoned the client cares about, and sometimes it is to kill someone. It matters little to him, because it is just business.

In addition to being a jailbreaker, Rythe is also a rather skilled assassin. However, he works alone and does not have the support of the Dark Brotherhood or the Thieves Guild; he simply doesn’t wish to work with them.